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I have been doing a lot of sitting on my couch when I’m not at work; I generally spend my off-work time working on articles and doing my own personal research in light.  I think I’m losing some of my social skills!  While at home, I typically like to have a movie or something going for background noise, it helps me concentrate.

I watched a movie this weekend while I was writing some JOL that was put out in 2007 — Danny Boyle’s Sunshine.  I have to say that I watched it already twice this weekend, that movie was awesome.  I love that disaster movie genre, I think I picked that up from Leia.  This movie has a pretty serious undertone, it’s about having to start a second mission to re-ignite the sun, which has basically almost gone out.  The visuals are unbelievable, especially if you see it either on a movie screen or in BluRay, it’s going to be great.  It’s all in space, which is also pretty great, and there are explosions and dangers.  As far as action movies go, that’s a pretty cool combination.  I don’t really want to say anything about it, it’s something that is going to rock your eyes when you see it.

If you need to spoil it for yourself, here’s a review at the New York Times, but I say just go watch the movie.

But enough about my recent favorite movie plugs, check out this week’s Sunday Flickr Group Photo Pool post!

Beautiful textured lamps


lights & things that we use

Lighting Example for Mari

BAD halogen


My Toronto apartment ceiling

Squinty Bridge

photo 2-4

Looks like Daphne is having a blast lately!

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