Nosigner’s Moon Light


This is an interestingly simple design that has really piqued some curiosity in my head.  There is a very small movement into smaller scaled, lower output personal lighting fixtures popping their way onto the market – you’ve seen them, things like OXO’s Candela series, little sources that have a nice glow.  Ikea has some, but I’ve found that the solar cells that charge them aren’t worth crap.  Sorry Ikea, it’s true, your solar collections and storage systems suck.

Meet Nosigner’s Moon Light – it’s a small (cantaloupe sized) glowing source modeled after our moon, hence the name, smart alecs.

Nosigner is the firm of MoonLight designer Eisuke Tachikawa – the Moon Light is an LED sourced fixture that accurately recreates the topography of our moon, and was inspired by the recent earthquake (and resulting tsunami) that destroyed part of Japan.  The little fixture is amazingly pretty – when it is illuminated, it is like holding a small moon in your hands.  Well, maybe Paul Bunyan’s hands, but you get the idea.

Check out these images of Nosigner’s Moon Light, and check out Nosigner’s website – there is a LOT of flash on there, just FYI.  It certainly is pretty though.

Thanks, DesignBoom!


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