Andika Pradana’s Interview with James Turrell, Master of Light and Space


I was so thrilled to get an email from Andika Pradana about his coverage of a presstalk and presentation with the famous James Turrell.  I’m so proud of you, Andika!
(I went to KTH in Sweden with Andika, he’s quite an amazing photographer and lighting artist!)

The talk was produced by See! Color! in Järna.

Do you know of James Turrell’s work?  Well, James Turrell is a MASTER of light and space – he’s an American artist, and his works are quite stunning:

“The Light Inside”

“The Space that Sees”

"Space that sees"/ James Turrell .(afternoon)

“Heavy Water”

You really need to do a little bit more looking into these pieces, they are STUNNING.  The one above, entitled “Heavy Water,” is a large swimming pool installation with a tower buried in the pool.  Swimmers can dive under the tower that resides in the water to look up and see the sky, surrounded by all of the blue water.  Awesome.

Check out Andika’s coverage of the press event with this American Master of light.  AWESOME coverage, Andika!  I am so proud of you!

Part one:

James Turrell (Interview) from Andika Pradana on Vimeo.

Part two:

James Turrell (Interview part 2) from Andika Pradana on Vimeo.

Part three:

James Turrell (Interview part 3) from Andika Pradana on Vimeo.

Thanks to Slipping Outside Yourself for the images of Heavy Water, and Oregon Live for the image of James Turrell!

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  1. Nice that you put this on your website –
    But i request you to be precise.
    It is not an interview from Andika with JT
    He was covering the presstalk and the opening for us –
    Would appreciate this small correction – you can take this comment then off…
    It can say something like Andika Pradana´s coverage of the presstalk of James Turrell in Järna or similar

    best regards Rembert Biemond, project coordinator.

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