The Inventor of the Digital Camera – Steven Sasson


Do you know who that guys above is? That’s Steven Sasson. You might know him as the guy who invented the digital camera. I found this pretty neat video on Jason Kottke’s blog – I’ve been reading him for years. He has great stuff pretty much daily.

From the Vimeo site there’s a few paragraphs on Steven Sasson that kinda shock me:

When he initially mentioned that the first digital camera held 30 pictures, I assumed that was due to the storage capacity of the digital tape. It was really interesting to hear that he picked 30 as an artificial limitation, and his explanation why.

Update: A lot of people have asked what the subject of that first photo was. It’s an interesting story, but the short answer is that the first digital photo was a picture of a lab technician named Joy. And he didn’t save the image.

WHAT?! Steven, WHY didn’t you save the first ever digital image? DUDE!

Check out the video, it’s only 3 minutes:

Inventor Portrait: Steven Sasson from David Friedman on Vimeo.

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