The State of Electronics – Karl von Moller’s Documentary on the Electronics Industry


Have you all heard about this cool documentary that’s being made by Karl von Moller?  Karl’s making a “State of Electronics” documentary on the history and progress of the Electronics Industry in Australia.  Electronics is a wide industry – but I think what a lot of people forget is that semiconductors is a large part of that industry, and semiconductors is a very large portion of the modern industries of light.  Solar cells, light emitting diodes (which I think I like calling “leds” a lot lately) and other optoelectronic components and systems.

That kind of blows my mind for a minute there – after going to Photonics West in SanFran this last January, I realized how little I actually knew about life.

Check out the first teaser for the State of Electronics series first:

State of Electronics – Trailer from karl von moller on Vimeo.

then watch this newer one – “Roll Call – State of Electronics,” which has Dave Jones of the EEEV Blog! (I love this dude, I could only DREAM of being that huge of a brain!)

Roll Call – State of Electronics from karl von moller on Vimeo.

Fill up your brain! Be full of knowledge and less full of bulls**t! 🙂

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