SausLamp – A Carbon Fiber Flexible Spine-Like Lamp Thing


This thing is pretty cool – meet the SausLamp from OFIS Arhitekti, a design firm based in Slovenia.  I feel ridiculous, but I had to go look up where that is!

SausLamp is a project that is being implemented into another of OFIS’ projects – a student housing project in Paris:

SausLamp is a design that has a sense of consistency – it’s modular, flexible, has essentially endless configurations (i mean, how many things can you come up with?) and gives the user a sense of individuality while somehow still keeping the uniform shape and form factor.  As you’ll see from the images below, OFIS has all kinds of fixture configurations already planned, from desk lamps to floor lamps to street lamps!

The fixture itself is a carbon fiber shell with steel joints.  SausLamp offers an optional opal filter for the opening of each head to further diffuse the light.  Pretty interesting in my humble light nerd opinion!

Check out the SausLamp:

bears a striking resemblance, huh!


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