SETC 2011 Design Competition Presentation Tonight!


I’m in Atlanta today and tomorrow judging the SETC 2011 Design Competition, which starts today.  This is such an exciting time for student designers, and as students set up their design displays and get ready for judging, there is a lot of buzz here at the Atlanta Hilton!

I’m going to be offering a very special prize to the winner of the SETC Lighting Design award for this year – I haven’t told the student designers yet, but the winner of the SETC Lighting Design award will get to have their design work displayed in a post on for the world to see!

I am very honored to be presenting with some amazing designers who also have the fortune of being amazing people.  The scenic design respondent is Judy Juracek.  You might know Judy from her line of excellent texts on painting, like Surfaces:  Visual Research for Artists, Architects, and Designers.  Judy is a scenic artist in New York City, and she’s worked everywhere from film and television to Broadway, opera, and industrial events.

Costume designer Fred Lloyd is here responding to the costume design entries this year at SETC.  Fred is an amazing guy with a distinguished career – most recently as the Costume Supervisor for AMC’s Walking Dead, and is currently the Resident Costume Designer for the Gainesville Theatre Alliance.

It feels great to be a part of such an excellent group of designers and artists, hands down.  If you’re here at the SETC 2011 Conference, please come to the Design Competition and Distinguished Guest Designer Presentations tonight at 7pm in the Grand Salons A and B.  I hope to see you there!

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  1. For those who were not at the presentation- I’d like to give you my opinion of Jim’s presentation. Jim was brief (the audience could have listened to him talk a lot longer). Jim was sweating (we all were, the room was warm) but I wanted to wipe my head with a rag, just like him. Jim blurted out humorous unscripted insults to the disruptive dance auditions in the next room. But most importantly, he had some great advice for the young designers in the room. Best of which was this (paraphrasing): Stop talking. Your not going to learn anything from your self. You will learn when other people talk about your work.

    Thanks for the insights!

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