Aren’t You Signed Up for Stage Directions?


You know, I read a lot.  Like, a LOT a lot.  Sometimes I wonder how the hell I fit all that stuff in my brain!

One of my favorite magazines to read (actually hold in my hand and read) is Stage Directions.  If you’ve ever been to USITT, LDI, NAB, or LightFair, you’ve run into Jacob.  If you’ve ever been out with me at one of those conferences and been out in the evening where big boy and big girl beverages are consumed, you’ve probably run into Jacob hanging out with me and the group.  Jacob’s the guy on the right in the image above – you can always see him walking around conferences with his little notepad, taking notes and getting ready to write awesome articles.

Stage Directions is having a subscriber drive right now.  Here’s the awesome thing about it:  it’s totally 100% free, and you can receive it digitally.  So really, what is it that you have to either A) lose, or B) keep you from getting a free awesome subscription to Stage Directions?

Go sign up for your free Stage Directions subscription!  Seriously.  If you’re in the Theatrical trades, you should be reading this magazine.

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