3D Projection and Coordinated Light. Cool.


I got this Facebooked from my good old friend Mikey Husman out of Columbus, OH.  Mike and I have done tons of shows together, and Mike also works for a company called Alcatel-Lucent, who produced this ridiculously cool 3D video/shape projection installation.  Check it out:

From Mikey:

Mobile World Congress is over for a few months now, but we have a video so spectacular to share that we thought it was time to bring the topic back!  The video below is called “ENVISION : Step into the sensory box”. It illustrates the immersive experience Alcatel-Lucent was offering to its customers during last Mobile World Congress. This visual show was based on a video mapping created by the Superbien agency together with the New Media division from Auditoire Event Agency. Customers were invited to enter into a 3m x 3m square room and discover an artistic translation of Alcatel-Lucent’s MWC 2010 tagline: “Transforming the mobile experience.”

Ah, that was very cool.  Mikey, I miss you, dude!

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    • Selden, you know how cool I think this is? So cool, in fact, that I am going to write a post about it and reference you.

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