Jax’s Link-O-Rama: Goldfish Edition

    Fish installation for Quiet Ensemble

    Hello JimOnLight-ers!  This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship: me, you, and a whole lot of links about light.  Let’s get right down to business, because there’s fish involved here.

    Fish installation for Quiet Ensemble

    Image from Quiet Ensemble, through Yatzer.

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    1. Great links, Jim. I love EcoGeek and Inhabitat … they always have good stuff!

      But, you know, if my name was Jim on Light and this was my blog and I was doling out link love, well then, I would totally have a bullet that says:

      * Want to light a room in your home or office with LEDs without shelling out a penny? Enter Cree’s monthly LED lighting giveaway for your chance to win 5 free Cree LED lights. All you have to do is submit a photo of bad lighting in your life. http://CreeLEDRevolution.com/CriesforHelp

      But, since my name is Ginny Skalski and I work for Cree … I’m a little biased. So sorry for taking over your blog for a moment. But it was fun putting on my Jim on Light thinking cap ;o)

      Happy Friday!

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