How Do You Feel When You Drive A Lighting Rig?


    I have been driving a fair amount of rigs lately, which has made me incredibly happy.  I mean, compared to some of you, I work very few shows!  It’s been pretty amazing to take shows I want to work on – and I’ve made some amazing new friends across the country.  There is nothing better than that.

    So, I’ve been wondering…  How do you feel when you’re driving a rig?  Whether it’s right before that first general session meeting when you’ve stayed up until 4am making looks and transitions that will drive the client’s show to amazing status, or if it’s right as the band steps onstage and the blues are up.  How do you feel?  Do you feel like a racecar driver?  Do you feel lighting a lighting designer?  I always see the rig as my spaceship – and I love my spaceship!

    Hey, send me an email through the contact form and tell me about your feelings on this topic, wouldja?  I am compiling for a post on the topic, and I’d like to include as many of you as possible!

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    1. Feelings…
      It depends on the show.
      It really does. I’ve been stuck with an Express 125 for about 2.5 years now, no movers, and seldom a fun show.
      Those times, it feels like being at the controls of a turd polisher.
      There are other times, though, and it’s been a while… when it feels like I am a cross between some kind of musical conductor and painter and pilot all rolled into one…
      those shows where maybe you’ve never even heard the bands music before, and you think you may have to go buy some black break away pants just in case you grow wings out of your arse and fly by the seat of your pants…
      when you hardly look up to see what you are doing actually looks like because you already know… you know what it looks like without looking, and where you are going with the next look that you won’t even have to look at…

    2. Like all the BS associated with getting to the venue, loading in, troubleshooting, focusing, re-programming, and bartering to get what you want might actually have been worth it; because, DAMN, the band looks happy!

    3. I like “spaceship”! Feel like I can control the audience with the flick of a button or fader. My favorite being the ‘house to black’ cue. Always brings on the cheers in concert world.

    4. When Im behind a console I feel alive. The power to evoke emotion in my audience with my lights is my bread and butter. Screw the band on stage, when I’m behind the board I’m the rockstar! But seriously, lighting is my life’s passion, and Thank you Jim for making such a great place to keep me entertained and informed.

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