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Rafael Lozano-Hemmer is at it again – you might remember him from posts on about a few of his installations – Pulse Park, Levels of Nothingness – and now, he’s got another massive interactive installation.  Vectorial Elevation is installed right now in Vancouver, BC…

…and on the Internet.  YOU can participate.  YOU can create a design online with Rafael’s custom setup and have your display created in real time, in real space, in the skies of Vancouver.  I did!  20 @ 10K SyncroLite units slam through the air, creating whatever it is that you decide to create.  How many of you have designed light art of this magnitude?  I can tell you that it is one of the greatest things I’ve ever experienced – and now you can all submit a design that will get played back and photographed – and that you can share with the world!

The interface is easy to use, the system emails you when it’s ready to play your design in the Vancouver air, and it makes you a little website with images of the virtual design against the real design, from several angles.  Check out my design, entitled “A Light Hug for The World“, and check out some images below:

Everybody:  go participate in this awesome event!  How can you go wrong?!  Create something you want the world to see!  You can also watch other aspiring light artists’ designs live!  If you submit a design, post a comment on this post so everyone can see your work!  If enough people post a comment (or you can contact me via the contact form if you prefer), I will make a post with a list of all of your Vectorial Elevation designs.  Leave a comment!

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  1. So the lights go on at 9:30 PM EST (they strike up at 9:25). The queue stays pretty active until around 2 AM EST. That is when you can get a 0 wait time and watch your design go up instantly. I’m still soo amazed by this installation, especially how simple the server setup is.

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