Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s “Pulse Park”


Make Mag has an article about the installation going on until November 17, 2008 by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer.  The installation is called “Pulse Park,” and it is the simultaneous recording and interpreting of 200 heartbeats by light.  There are articles all over about this – NY Mag wrote one that describes the process and all goings on of the exhibit, and quotes Rafael:  “It’s meant to bring everyone together, to allow people to express some sort of agency in a public space. It’s by no means medical.”

That’s awesome.  So is this:

Rafael has also done exhibits called “Pulse Room” (in Mexico) and “Pulse Front” (in Toronto).  If you check out his portfolio site, there are videos listed of all of the exhibits.  Rafael, JimOnLight wants to say that your work is much appreciated.  The video of “Pulse Room” is very, very beautiful.  This link takes you to a QT movie of it.

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