Will It Blend? THAT is the Question!


I have something that I hope will start your Friday out on a high note.

If you’ve never heard of a Blendtec blender, it’s a possibility that you’ve not seen the Cadillac of blenders before.  You know your little Sunbeam blender or other midstream name brand blender?  Yeah, I don’t think it can take a handful of marbles and turn it into marble dust.  The Blendtec can.  Their blender is so BA that they made a website, Will It Blend, where they just grind stuff up in their blender.

Since it’s Friday morning and you’re probably not on your eleventeenth cup of coffee like me who got up at six for some reason, you might be asking yourself – “wait a minute, I know I didn’t type JimOnBlenders.com into my browser, what the EFF, Jim?”  Calm down – the reason that I am talking about blenders is that you’re about to see lighting related stuff get blended into a fine powder.  No kidding!

Okay – in order, glowsticks, then light bulbs, then laser pointers.  It is awesome!


Light bulbs:

Laser pointers:

Some non-lighting personal favorites are the iPhone 3G (yeah, they grind up a 3G), the grinding of a can of EZ-Cheese, and a whole bunch of neodymium magnets.  Holy crap.

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