Torch Chandelier – or Flashlight Chandelier, to the Americans Among Us


We had some funny conversations in Sweden about the word “flashlight.”  You see, when you live in the US, a “flashlight” is the thing that you grab when you need a portable illumination device that can be powered with batteries.  When you live everywhere else in the world, that flashlight is called a torch.

“Hey, where is the flashlight?”
“What the hell is a flashlight?”
“It’s a – it’s a flashlight, dude.  You know, a flashlight.”
“Oh.  You mean a torch.”
“Okay, cool.  So where is that flashlight?”


Check out this version of a hanging luminaire from Anarc of Germany – the Torch Chandelier:


Anarc’s Torch Chandelier is literally a bunch of flashlights (I mean torches) that are wired together, fitted with LED lamps, and – well, no and, that’s pretty much it.  It’s simple, it’s awesome, and best of all, it’s simple.  It’s almost a mockery of the flashlight, isn’t it?

I like mockery.



I highly recommend checking out Anarc’s site – there is a lot of material to see!

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