Lighting at the Frankfurt Airport in Germany


I had a two hour layover at Frankfurt Airport in Germany on my way to the USA from Sweden.  After I had found my gate (after consequently going from one end of the airport to the other, lost), I noticed that the airport had some amazing lighting!

Of course I noticed that.  Of course I did.  I am a nerd.

I have been looking for the one fixture that I saw the most of when I was walking around – the application of this fixture was genius in my opinion.  Frankfurt Airport has a large area of its walkways with very low ceilings made from what appear to be aluminum beams spaced about two inches apart.  Instead of sticking some linear fluorescent fixtures or otherwise half-hearted design idea in this space, they have mounted clusters of these Siteco brand washers that give the ceiling a really great look.  The color temperature is rather warm, and contrasts nicely with the daylighting coming in from the windows.  Take a look:


The fixtures are mounted on a hanging trapeze of sorts, and I think I only saw them in groups of six at a time.  The Siteco logo is very small on some of the luminaires, and I have been looking for about an hour for the model information for them.  I have an email into Siteco asking about the fixture – I’ll update the post when I hear back.

They were really beautiful – simple, directional, and effective.  They created wonderful hot spots on the ceiling that washed across large areas on the metal ceiling structure.  Very cool.






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