DTS Wins a PLASA 2009 Award for the XR300 Beam



I just got an email about this – luminaire company DTS out of Italy won the PLASA 2009 Award for Innovation at PLASA this year.  They were awarded the honor on Monday at a ceremony during the conference, which is still going on.  The award comes for their new fixture, the XR300 Beam, which is a 5 degree source.

I’ve been looking at the specs on this fixture, and it looks pretty interesting.  DTS is touting their FAR technology – “Free Axis Rotation” – meaning that the fixture will continuously pan and tilt.  Continuously pan and tilt.  I realize that this isn’t the first fixture on the market with this skill, but DTS has been producing some great stuff lately, and this fixture is worth mentioning.

The XR300 Beam provides 125,000 lux at five meters – that’s 125,000 lux at about 16.5 feet.  Not bad, eh?


Some specifications:

  • Exceptional light power (125.000 Lux at 5 metres)
  • The capacity to project a highly condensed and intense beam of light even over great distances, thanks to the high efficiency of the new optical group
  • Variety of colours (CMY synthesis + 7-colour wheel + CTO)
  • Customizable gobo wheel (7 rotating gobos)
  • Insertable frost filter (soft edge)
  • Unlimited Pan and Tilt movements (new FAR technology)
  • The XR300 BEAM is also the ideal light for a vast range of applications in which quiet operation is a priority, thanks to its silent ventilation system and silent pan/tilt operation.
  • Access to every feature of the internal menu is simple and direct, thanks to the new user interface featuring a LCD backlit graphic display (128 x 64).
  • The XR300 BEAM is also available without the “FAR” system.

Check out a video of the XR300 Beam continuously panning and tilting.  It is truly pretty awesome.

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