The Light of Ligature


This might be the most morbid post I have ever written here on – although it’s probably best that I write about it now, because the winters here in Sweden (from what everyone here keeps poking at us people from warmer climates) are destined to get fairly depressing.  However, let’s make light out of this (BWAHAHA) so that we can all laugh at how people have illuminated (pffffHAHA) the subject of hanging and death.

I found this initial fixture while doing some searching on something completely unrelated – Ana-Maria Pasescu Stewart‘s Noose Light.  It’s even got some pulleys integrated so that the user can vary the height of the illumination – which certainly isn’t creepy at all:



Nah, this is completely normal.  Do you think it’s based on the Official Table of Drops?


After discovering that gem of happiness, I discovered a fixture designed by designer Ji-youn Kim from South Korea.  It certainly makes a comment on how you can be dead and also give light to life – or something poetic and deep like that:



Oh hey look – using an LED source makes the lamp on the right so much more..  who am I kidding, death is depressing.


In a final burst of uplifting lighting products, check out the MintPass Mint Light #5 – One Light to Live.  If this doesn’t say “I am going to ruin the holidays for everyone but me, and it won’t matter because I’ll have hung myself,” then nothing will:



Okay, there is nothing funny about suicide.  Ever.  If you have ever lost a friend to suicide, it’s hard to place the reasons and depths of pain that the person must have been feeling.  I love you, and everyone here at loves you too!  If you’re feeling dark and confused and considering something like suicide, first take a breath.  Stop what you’re doing.  Call the folks at 800-SUICIDE to talk with someone who would love to show you how important you actually are in this world.

And now, Vice President Gracie and Supreme Court Justice Dewey Squeakmotor would like to show you how much life rules!



…and if you still need convincing, you can do anything at ZOMBOCOM!

Thanks to Artistic Things and Yatzer!

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