Hey, Can You Grab Me A Tube of… LIGHT?


We always talk about having a spray-on product that can erase stray beams of light in the Entertainment business, and my heart of hearts hopes that other industries experience the same problems.  Our product was always called “Rosco Beam-Stop,” or “GAM Beam-Away,” or even something crass like “Lee one-go-%$#@-yourself, stray beam of light.”  Yeah, we’re all adults here.

Vadim Kibardin’s design studio has produced something quite the opposite of stopping a beam with a spray of light.  In fact, if you can stretch your mind a little, can’t you see this product sitting next to the hair gel, toothpaste, window caulk, or tubes of mustard in your local what-have-you?


This is Kibardin’s LED Torch – an LED sourced flashlight of sorts that is integrated into a squeeze tube bottle with a cap.  It’s waterproof, it is either diffused (cap on) or concentrated (cap off, like a flashlight), and comes in the amber color or white.  You can set it upright on the cap-end, lie it on its side, or hang it from the pre-determined hanging holes in the top of the casing.  So, as far as form and function goes, what HASN’T Vadim’s studio considered with this lamp?  Did I mention the source is hermetically sealed, and thus waterproof?


Vadim Kibardin’s studio has some text posted about the LED Torch on his site – a blurb from the LED Torch product page:

The necessity of self-inclusive lighting instrument is dictated by the situations where the opportunity to connect to a conventional power supply network is absent: travel, holidays, public and individual lighting in cases of accidents and emergencies, decorative lights, fashionable accessories or children’s toys. Active entrenchment of modern technologies, especially super economical ones, bright, different-colored micro-lamps (LED), with a working life of more than 100 000 hours, became the reason of many serious changes. A revolution in the idea of what these instruments should be like took place in connection with the appearance of such illuminators.

Thanks for this product, Vadim and gang. I love the design!




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