Anniversary Week on – Thursday Winners!



Two more days of giveaways – who wants free stuff?  This week is all about saying thank you to the JimOnLight community – thank you so much for reading and supporting the effort to share knowledge with our beloved industries of light!

You can of course still enter the contest — just leave a comment at the original anniversary post — I’ve disabled comments on this post.  Remember — all winners are chosen by the cold, unfeeling finger of the Random Number Generator — no favoritism at, everybody rocks!

Just a quick note – if you’ve been listed in any of these posts this week as a winner, don’t worry if I haven’t contacted you yet. I’m waiting until the week is over, and then I am contacting everyone en masse.

Thursday’s Giveaway – Three Zinman 3-packs (iSwitch DMX, GelCalc, and PocketLD)

Winner 1:
Ryan Wilkinson
Winner 2:
Chris Flood
Winner 3:
Andy Helms

New stuff from Wybron, Inc: a Wybron fitted hat and two Wybron blood-alcohol content tester/BMI Supply LED keychain light pairs! (you read that right!)

Wybron fitted hat:
David Stansby
BAC tester/BMI light:
Joshua Williamson
BAC tester/BMI light:
JP Gagnon

One license of Mike Zinman’s ML Finder PRO software for the iPhone/iPod Touch – a great program!

Dan Dansby
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