Screwed Light



It’s not often than I discover a lighting fixture that comes with poetry, but then again I don’t often see a lighting fixture that is made of screws:

Spikey and ugly pretty or not
Of small brown screws there are alot
Dangerously unfunctional
So purely hypothetical
Are the thousand screws that I had used,
But by the end I was bemused
To make light that’s so intense
But altogether makes some sense

This is the work of Georgi Porgy, a luminaire designer and artist-type:

Georgi Porgy saw a light bulb and socket, He swiped them fast and stuck them in his pocket, When all the materials came his way, Georgi Porgy made them play.

So, in conclusion, Georgi makes luminaires out of found materials. Brilliant! I love the pattern cast by the Screw Light – it’s like a sea urchin that emits light!  I highly recommend visiting the Screw Light site, and the rest of Georgi Porgy’s works.  Good stuff!






Thanks, EcoFriend!

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