Anniversary Week Giveaways on – Wednesday Winners!



I’m giving away more stuff today, tomorrow, and Friday because I love you all so much!  Friday I am giving away a grand prize – you’ll have to read that post to find out what and who. You can of course still enter the contest – just leave a comment at the original anniversary post – I’ve disabled comments on this post.

Remember – all winners are chosen by the cold, unfeeling finger of the Random Number Generator – no favoritism at, everybody rocks!

The Wednesday Anniversary Week Giveaway – first, six Zinman 3-Pack licenses (GelCalc, PocketLD, and iSwitch DMX)

Winner 1:
Karl W.
Winner 2:
Brad Peterson
Winner 3:
Kevin Gibson
Winner 4:
Josh Williamson
Winner 5:
Noah Craft
Winner 6:
Mark Couvillion

Also, T-SHIRTS! FLASHLIGHTS! One BMI Supply t-shirt, one ETC Selador t-shirt, two 9-LED flashlights, and one 16-LED flashlight!

BMI Supply t-shirt:
Amanda Lynne Ballard
ETC Selador t-shirt:
Jim Hagan
9-LED flashlights:
Brian Andrews and Andrew F. Griffin
16-LED flashlights:
Karen P.
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