Ariel Rojo’s Cerdo Ahorrador – The Cutest Pig Light Ever


That’s right kids, it’s the pig light!


Ariel Rojo’s design studio has produced Cerdo Ahorrador – or translated for people who slaughter the Spanish language, “really adorable little pig bank/light.”  The fixture contains two things that are useful to society – a light source (cute little piggy tail!) and a coin bank, which we could all use a little practice in utilizing.  From Ariel’s studio website:

Piggy energy bank is not just a lamp, it is a message inspired in our ecological awareness and our interest in taking the steps to avoid the world energy crisis.  Ariel Rojo Design Studio combined 2 elements that are not normally related to one other: a piggy bank and an energy saving lamp. This 2 icons translate into a brilliant idea to increase the awareness about the immediate importance of energy saving.

The MoMA museum store has Cerdo Ahorrador for ninety bucks.  So much on saving some money, eh?

When you see the pictures below, do they have the quality of LIGHT UP PIG REVOLUTION to you like they do to me?



Thanks, Tina!

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