Kind-of Product Review: SunLite’s “The Stick” Lighting Control


Earlier this month I wrote an article about SunLite’s lighting control product, “The Stick.”  It’s a two-universe DMX control programmable interface for architectural lighting.  I requested a product sample a few weeks ago, and I got the sample just a few days ago.

My first impressions are pretty decent – the sample device isn’t really a device at all, it’s a non-functioning model.  However, I knew that this would be the case, so no big deal.  The unit itself is a little larger than a two-gang switchplate, and considerably larger than a single switchplate.  The Stick does maintain a small profile, and has a decent design line.

The interface itself is hard to comment on because this is a non-functioning demo – but from the look of the demo unit, I wonder about the durability of The Stick with regard to everyday wear and tear.  It’s glossy, so my first impression of The Stick was my fingerprints all over the faceplate.  It’s a flush, touch-sensitive interface with attention paid to design and aesthetic – and it is certainly pleasing to have sitting on a wall.  It’s not terribly flashy or over-designed in my opinion, and the interface panel seems to take a bit of wear and tear well.

On the bottom of the unit is the data connections – mini USB, a reset button, LEDs, a mini-SD card slot, and a power switch.  The rear of The Stick has the 9-pin terminal strip, and the instructions claim that the device cna fit any electrical box.  A larger box gives you the ability to store the power supply inside of the wall.

As of this time The Stick doesn’t have any ethernet abilities, but this is supposedly coming in Fall of 2009.  You can use RS232 to trigger the device, and The Stick is programmable via the touchpad or by software interface.

Check out some images – pardon the amount, there are a bunch.

The Stick promo material and demo unit:

sunlite stick

The Stick, rear image and terminal strip connector:


Detail of the rear and pinout:

stick rear

The Stick compared to a 2-switch plate:

stick double plate

The Stick compared to a 1-switch plate:

stick single plate

Bottom of the unit, data connections and LED placement:

stick bottom

The Stick installation pages:

stick install

stick install

stick program

Make sure to check out SunLite’s The Stick product page.  I am certainly still interested in seeing The Stick in action!

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  1. Dear Jim,

    We manufacture an alternative product to the STICK called ColourStyle which is also a twin universe DMX controller that addresses the issues you have mentioned above regarding durability. It is a standard twin gang size with a proffesional metal finish. It has an innovative set up assistant allowing a whole series of colours and sequences to be available straight away and can be programmed through the frontplate for user specifoc requirements. It also has a built in astronomical time clock that can be used to tigger colours and sequences whever required.

    Please see the link below for a copy of the datasheet and programing manual:

    Please feel free to contact me for further information.

    Many thanks.

    Daniel Way
    Mode Lighting
    Tel: 0044 1920 462121

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