SunLite’s STICK – Touch Lighting Control



Lighting controller company SunLite has released a touch lighting controller interface called STICK – the Sunlite Touch-sensitive Intelligent Control Keypad.  It’s a slick little unit – two universes of DMX control, a remote, programmable interface, and a bunch of goods that make the STICK an interesting choice when designing an architectural lighting interface into a room.

SunLite just released a huge color brochure about the STICK – get it here.  (it’s a PDF link)  They’re also offering a download for a video on the STICK interface – it’s quite a production, too!  Check it out:

Some shots from the STICK PDF (which is a beautiful piece of graphic design, by the way):




Man, that thing is beautiful!

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  1. wow that is awesome. i was looking for a product just like this about 3 months ago and couldn’t find it but this is just amazing

  2. Hi there,

    actually the STICK looks beautiful on pics, but once you get it in your hands its a different story…
    Its completely plastic and has not a very good response on touching.

    I personally like the e:cue glass touches more, which can be found here:

    as the name states they are made of glass, so its a completely different story…

    I used them in a achitectural project already and the guys are really happy with it.


  3. Ave several dumb questions. Recently downloaded the stick lighting controller to my droid. Seemed like a cool concept. However I am in the dark (pun intended) about how to rig up the lights in my home and office. What do I need to make this work; really don’t want to dump much money in this.

    Please send me all the info you can, and keep in mind I’m not computer savvy, so essentially you can’t “dumd down the info too much.

    Thanks for your speedy reply

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