La Vitrine by Moment Factory and Photonic Dreams



I just read about a permanent installation project in Montreal called La Vitrine, which is an interactive LED wall that reacts to people as they walk by and glance at the project.  From Fubiz:

Moment Factory ( developed the interactive system and designed the interactive content.  PHOTONIC Dreams ( created the original LED video wall of La Vitrine, in Montreal.

The installation includes tracking devices and low-resolution LED displays and is capable of showing many different visualizations based on the presence and movement of people.

Visitors can interact with the installation every night from 7 PM to 11 PM.
La Vitrine, 145, rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montréal

Also, from the Moment Factory website:

Moment Factory’s recent premiere of North America’s first permanent interactive giant exterior wall won the Grand Prize in Montreal’s 2008 “Creativity Awards” in the Urban Integration category and found itself on the front cover of the awards’ journal. Initially a temporary pilot project, the wild public popularity of La Vitrine led it to be rendered permanent. The judges summarised the project as being “quintessentially Montreal,” expressing the playfully collective identity of the city.

La Vitrine – Montreal from steven bulhoes on Vimeo.



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