A Lamp So Dynamic, It’s The Dynamic Lamp


Karin Johansson invented a lamp that includes a dynamo inside of the emitting surface – it resembles a globe, but is not.  As one spins the globe part of the non-globe, kinetic energy is stored, and the lamp is illuminated.  From the Konstfack website in Sweden, Karin talks about the Dynamic Lamp:

“My ‘Dynamic Lamp’ is a part of the wireless society. It doesn’t need any power supply or batteries, it just works with your own energy. It is based on the idea of producing your energy where you are, instead of transporting it in all directions across the earth. The sole by-product is exercise.”

Check out a video on the Dynamic Lamp – that thing looks cool! I’m going to study in the land of people who invent stuff like this!

dynamic lamp

dynamic lamp

Thanks, iGreenSpot!

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