All of Texas Could Be Powered By Solar



I just read a pretty incredible article from CleanTechnica – apparently a study was conducted by a consumer advocacy group called Public Citizen that says all of Texas could be powered by solar power collection.  All of Texas – which, if you’ve ever driven across Texas or from the northern most part of Texas to the southern most part of Texas is a long freaking way.

According to the article, Texas has a potential solar capacity of 148,000 megawatts using just one type of solar collection technology.  Holy jesus.  Considering that solar collection technology (photovoltaics) is becoming cheaper and cheaper and quicker to manufacture, we could have something here – that is if people who legislate in Texas will listen.

The study states that a 30 mile by 30 mile solar field could power the entire state of Texas.  That is a pretty large area – I wonder if we could build smaller plants all over the state?

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