David OReilly and His Excellent Video Content


I’ve been really digging a lot of video content artists lately – a blog I read, vj.tv, posted a link and some content to David OReilly’s channel on Vimeo.  You gotta see this stuff – here’s two of David’s videos from vj.tv – there are 18 on David’s Vimeo site.

This first video is best viewed with either some 3D glasses, a piece of Roscolux 80 (Primary Blue) in front of one eye and Roscolux 27 (Medium Red) in front of the other, or Lee 181 and Lee 106.  Wonderful!

M.I.A Bang (original test) from David OReilly on Vimeo.

This second video content is also pretty awesome – no need for a 3D color scheme:

M.I.A Visuals (excerpt) from David OReilly on Vimeo.

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