Hubble Images – The Heavens are Stunning


When I was a kid, I used to love to stare up at the sky at night, trying to focus my eyes on the light that I discovered around age 8 was reaching Earth from thousands of years ago.  I knew all of the constellations, and I was always thrilled when I found a multi-colored star, or found a shooting star.  In 1999, I discovered the Leonids (although I was in college at the time, not a kid) while sitting in the middle of some corn field in rural IL with a telescope and a bottle of Wild Turkey.  Oh, college…

I ran into a Hubble telescope gallery last night.  I looked at it for nearly an hour.  There are hundreds of images there, video, detailed explanations, and other stuff to get lost in.

But of course I mean “in which to get lost.”

All images are courtesy of The Hubble Site.  I hope you like them, these are some of my favorites.


Planetary Nebula NGC 2818







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