Philips is Shipping LumiBlade Samples



Philips now has a section of their website to order samples of the LumiBlade OLED line – all kinds of shapes, a small selection of colors, all with a power supply. This is a very, very cool product, as many of Philips’ products happen to be, and I like it.

I will say this, and it’s going to come across as negative – but I hope you have better luck getting through to them than I did.  I sent four emails and left two phone calls about LumiBlade, and didn’t get as much as a “go stick it up your rear, lighting blogger.”  Funny enough, I had the possibility for a very, very large lamp supply for a project; I called Philips one afternoon, and after being sent around to six different phone numbers and having about seven people tell me they couldn’t help get us to the right department, I decided that maybe Philips wasn’t the right company for my (and my client’s) needs.  It’s too bad – I think the Master LED is pretty great.

Okay, frustrated writer rant over.  Check out these pretty great LumiBlade OLED designs:






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