What? Buy An Energy Efficient Lamp, Get Airline Miles



    Twitter user jbjon posted this article about a crazy promotion by UK store Tesco – for every energy efficient light bulb you buy at Tesco, you’re going to get  airline miles.

    Okay, sit for a minute and think about that one.

    Doesn’t this kinda defeat the point of something that’s supposed to be good?  This quote from the article really cracked me up:

    Tesco chief executive Terry Leahy is now offering air miles when you buy a low energy lightbulb. What next? Free packet of 20 Benson & Hedges with every Nicorette patch? A dozen king-size Mars bars with each box of Ryvita? Talk about counter-productive. It’s like being lost in the desert, miles from anywhere and eating your own legs to sustain yourself during your search for help.

    Thanks, Jon, that really made my day!  Check out the original article here.

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