Double Green Phosphorescent OLED Efficiency



New from Japan has surfaced about a 210 lumens per watt OLED – green light emitting using a phosphor material with an intensity of – and please let me write this again – 210 lumens per watt!  This makes the Japanese green light emitting OLED over 50% brighter than existing OLED technology.  From an article at Tech-On:

The research group, which is led by professor Akiyoshi Mikami of the Advanced Optical Electro Magnetic Field Science Lab, the Kanazawa Institute of Technology, boosted the light-extraction efficiency to 56.9%, more than twice that of existing OLED devices. The group made this announcement at the JSAP (Japan Society of Applied Physics) 56th Spring Meeting, 2009, which took place at Tsukuba University in Japan, from March 30 to April 2, 2009.

It has been regarded as a big challenge for OLED devices to enhance their low light-extraction efficiency of slightly less than 30%. Using the new technology, it is possible that the light-emitting efficiencies of OLED displays and lamps will sharply increase.


Thanks, Tech-On!

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