Synthe FX Releases Luminair 1.5



Luminair has been rocking the iPhone for a while now – the iPhone/iPod Touch DMX device control application uses Art-Net to communicate with devices employing Wi-Fi over your network.  It’s sexy.  Synthe-FX just released Luminair 1.5, an update with great features for the interface, real time data display, and moving light control just to name a few.  From the product page for Luminair 1.5:

Luminair enables you to wirelessly control, view, record and manage intelligent DMX lighting fixtures, consoles, media servers and other software directly from your iPhoneTM or iPodTM touch. Using Artistic License’s Art-Net protocol over your device’s built-in Wi-Fi connection, Luminair communicates with other compatible hardware and software nodes on your network. A gorgeous user interface provides desktop-calibre features and performance, all on a mobile platform. Use Luminair as the ultimate remote focus tool, for advanced architectural lighting, or simply as the centerpiece of your intelligent lighting rig.

Multi-touch output controls
As a pocket-sized DMX controller, Luminair is in a class all by itself. Multi-touch fader controls allow you to manipulate DMX values with accurate precision. Control fixture color values in both CMY and RGB color modes with color changer tracks. XY grid controls allow you to pan and tilt moving heads with fine control. The touch-board channel editor provides quick channel setup for all of your DMX fixtures. Quick-Touch cues, each with an assignable fade time, allow you to store fixture information for easy touch-based triggering.

Input analyzing & recording
Luminair’s Art-Net input port allows data to be displayed in realtime, as a touch-scrollable overview of all channels in the input universe. Selecting a specific channel shows the current value, as well as the past 24 seconds of data in graph form. Luminair also offers the capabilty of recording snapshots from the Art-Net input port directly to Quick-Touch cues, a useful feature for backing up from a console or any other DMX source.

Over the airwaves
Wireless connectivity allows you to be unchained from the lighting desk or closest patch-bay. Simply connect a hardware Art-Net to DMX converter to your Wi-Fi router and lighting equipment. Luminair is compatible with any standard Wi-Fi router, and supports all existing security settings such as WPA, and WEP for keeping your network locked. Efficient use of your device’s processor, memory and network communications, help conserve battery power for long use.

File management
Both fixtures and entire projects can be saved and restored at any time, making Luminair an indispensable tool for configuring your intelligent lighting networks. A built-in file manager makes this a simple process. Restoring lighting settings for your next location, event, or mood is as easy as selecting from the project and fixture preset files saved on your device. File transfers to and from your device(s) is handled via Synthe FX LCompanIon app, which is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard and above.

Industry standards
Luminair was created with industry standards in mind, and is compatible with numerous existing hardware and software products. All DMX signals are computed natively on the iPhone or iPod touch, without relying on a master console’s proprietary protocol. This makes Luminair versatile for both initial installation, as well as switching between and/or upgrading your lighting equipment in the future. One recommended cost effective Art-Net to DMX converter is Enttec’s ODE, for which we now provide a 10% off coupon with every purchase of Luminair.*

Check out this video on using Luminair 1.5 – worth a look!

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