Lighting Up The Pool


Only twice in my career have I had the opportunity to throw a whole bunch of light into a swimming pool.  Once for a corporate party at an olympic sized swimming pool, and once for a rave that took place at a pool park.  Those were two of the coolest design gigs I ever had the pleasure of doing.  Water and swimming pools allow so many excellent things to be created with light.  Red light, for example, at the right angle, turns the water a murky swampy black color.  It is awesome.

I was looking at the Gadgeteer blog a few days ago, and I came across a post about these little pool lights – LED, they float around in your pool, and they make a whole bunch of hippy trippy lighting effects on the bottom of your pool.  I guess it’s getting about pool time, as temperatures slowly warm up.  Check out this really short video:


I found about three different models of these things at Amazon, between twenty bucks and fifty five bucks.  When I was a kid, we always had some kind of above-ground pool, usually 4-5 feet deep – but we would play with underwater flashlights and soda bottles for our light show.  Toys are so much cooler now.

Check these out.  These things make me want a pool!  You think they might work if I just dug a big freaking hole in my backyard and filled it up with water?  I bet my neighbors would love me for that.

The $19.99 model:  The AquaGlow Underwater Light Show


The $29.99 model #1:  The AquaGlow Underwater Kool-Light-O-Scope


The $29.99 model #2:  The AquaGlow Underwater Light Starship


The big mama $59.99 model:  The AquaGlow Underwater Light Show and Fountain


Thanks, Gadgeteer!

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  1. I have yet to see this type of light for a pool. Very cool idea for summer parties. The price is not expensive.

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