Modistech’s Ultra-Thin Flexible OLED


It’s been said that OLEDs are going to hit their party day some time in 2011, but a company called Modistech has started having those drinks that you have at home before the tavern.  Modistech has developed a super-thin, flexible OLED panel that looks pretty awesome.  There are not a lot of details right now on their product, but the price figure is about $213.00 USD per square meter – about 300,000 South-Korean Won.



Thanks, Aving USA and OLED-Display!

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  1. I am very much interested in acquiring a little bit of Modistech Ultra -Thin Flexible OLED, can you inform me where I might purchase some. I work with natural wood product in an artistic way and I am interested in using this product in my designs. Also, would I be able to power these lights with batteries so that it might be easier to “hide” the wiring? Thanks for any help in advance! Paul

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