Toshiba’s LED Spotlight for TV Studios



Toshiba is releasing a high-output LED fixture for use in television studios – as we all know, I’m sure that we can adapt the fixture for uses outside of the TV studio, just give it a few hours.  Toshiba’s fixture, the AL-LED-FS-6, consumers 100W and outputs about 860 lux at 3 meters with a 2 meter pool – which compares to a 500W halogen at 870 lux.  Nice!

The AL-LED-FS-6 is claiming to solve some of the problems that putting a 500W fixture close to something in a studio creates – “it’s too hot on my face!” comments, fading from irradiated items, power consumption.  You know, typical gripes.  The fixture is looking like a $5100+ fixture (about 500,000 yen), and you’ll see it at Light Fair 2009.  A few of these and a few LDDE SpectraWOW+ fixtures, and you’re set!

I’m doing a show during Light Fair 2009 – will someone please take pictures?

Thanks, TechOn!

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