LDDE’s SpectraWOW+


LDDE – Lighting Design Development Electronics has produced a new cannon of an LED fixture – except it’s just larger than a human hand.  The SpectraWOW Plus from LDDE is a 40W RGB fixture with a high-power chip and a special honeycomb lens that allows a constant light output across the entire lens surface.

Best thing about the SpectraWOW Plus, besides the fact that it’s LED, low wattage, and high powered?  NO COLOR SHADE SHADOWS on everything you shine it on.  And it’s convection cooled.  And has 50,000 hours operational time.  And it’s flicker-free for TV.  And…  And… And…

The SpectraWOW Plus can be ordered in silver, black, grey, or white – and you can get a 20°, 30°, or 45° lens set for the unit.  I am really hoping to see one of these at LDI.

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