Propellor Design’s Great Chandelier-esque Fixtures


I discovered a company that does some beautiful work with the idea of suspending items together in a big love-fest of glass and color – the Propellor Design Studio in Canada is, from their own lips, “a multi-disciplinary design studio specializing in the custom design of lighting, furniture, and interiors.”  They also do installations, dabble in designing buildings, and are currently in the pursuit of experimenting with public art.

But check out these fixtures…




Propellor’s fixtures make me feel like it’s dripping light; I would love to see one of these in a dark room.  I would assume that the pieces make up a gorgeous collection of varying intensity glass that looks similar to an icicle dripping.  I love your work, Propellor Design.

They also have a series of milled wood fixtures (and other works) that are also quite nice.



Check out Propellor Design’s beautiful website.

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