The Disco Biscuits at The Ogden Theatre – February 13 and 14, 2009



I had the pleasure of attending both nights of The Disco Biscuits at the Ogden Theatre in Denver this weekend.  The Biscuits were absolutely amazing, putting on a great show the first night that was only rivaled by the second night performance.  New tunes, standard  grooves, sheer skill, and extraordinary talent dominated the nights.  Besides feeling a bit old after night one, I had an amazing time with the show – and with the stellar lighting, the weekend was an immense success.

With the amount of production that’s going on right now in the business, I really feel that some designers don’t get much credit – and there are plenty of hard-working designer/director/programmers out there who are rocking the faces of people in cities all over the world.  With a band like The Disco Biscuits that provides a fast paced and constantly evolving score to be lit, the LD is working his or her butt off behind the desk.

Lighting designer Johnny R. Goode is the man behind the desk for the Biscuits; I’ve put in a request to speak with him regarding the show and design – I counted twelve Mac 2K spots and four StudioPix – with the normal compliment of house colors and ACL-ish cans.  For a band that played three long sets a night for us in Denver on Friday and Saturday, Goode provided an exciting, interesting, ever-changing, and unique design the whole night for both nights.  Johnny, great work – please email me so I can set up an interview!

I’ve got an email into the production manager to confirm the list of gear – I have lots of good things to say about Johnny’s use of the StudioPix, and his command of his onstage spots – as soon as I hear back, I’ll post more about the shows.  Again, thanks for the great nights!


The official Disco Biscuits website:

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