The Ostar LED Headlamp


Osram Sylvania is going to be introducing a line of standardized LED modules in 2009, effectively (and affectionately) called the “Joule” System.  LEDs Mag has an article about the upcoming LED module, with all of its 50mm standardized automotive LED system glory.  An Osram spokesman, David Hulick, had this to say about the Ostar headlamp:

“The JFL2 is well suited for daytime running lights and fog lights, but very clearly also functions for  headlamp apps of the future. It’s amazingly compact. It has very long life. The quality of the light output – very crisp clear light – will also be very attractive.”

The Ostar system is a forward lighting system – basically replacing existing technology in headlamps and tail lights.  One of the main pieces of good news is that it cuts down on consumer cost – Hulick, in his conference, said that the average dealer price for a custom array LED rig for your rear lights runs about $300, whereas the Ostar rig will be around $174, or 71% less.


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