GE Focuses on LEDs, Incandescent Lamps Cease Development


It looks like GE is going to stop developing incandescent technology.  More specifically, they are ceasing development of their high-efficiency incandescent lamps (HEI’s).  We were going to be seeing an HEI lamp with no mercury and better light quality than that of a CFL, but bans that have been coming as close as 2012 from places like Australia, Canada, and some US states have made GE change their minds.

GE will now be focusing on LED lamps and their OLED brethren.  David Schuellerman from GE said, about their current plans:

GE Consumers & Industrial and GE Global Research have suspended the development of the high-efficiency incandescent lamp (HEI) to place greater focus and investment on what we believe will be the ultimate in energy efficient lighting – light emitting diodes (LEDs) and organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). Research and development of these technologies is moving at an impressive pace and will be ready for general lighting in the near future. LEDs and OLEDs used in general lighting are now poised to surpass the projected efficiency levels of HEI, along with other energy-efficient technologies like fluorescent, and have the additional benefits of long life and durability.

Thanks, Clean Technica, for the article!

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