Lighting Obama’s Acceptance Speech


Live Design has a good article about how the President Elect’s acceptance speech was lit.  Check it out.

In case you’re a big nerd like me, here’s the gear list from the televised speech:

72 Martin MAC 2000 Wash XBâ„¢
2 grandMA 2048 Ch. Console
6 SyncroLite XLs
2 Musco Type “C” Trucks
72 Altman Focusing CYC
29 2-foot Ministrips
3 Jem ZR33 Hi-Massâ„¢
3 DF-50 Hazer
3 Versa Fan
3 M2 2.5k Lycian Spots
4 Lycian 1293 3k Xenon Followspot

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