LDI – Syncrolite’s Booth


If you’ve never seen a Syncrolite up close, you’re really missing out.  Syncrolites are enormous yoke fixtures, Xenon sources, starting at 5kW and going up to 10kW.  They’ve lit up the pyramids at Giza, they’ve lit up Celine, they’ve been a lot of places, and lit a lot of stuff and things.  They’re HUGE.  Some of them stand 6+ feet tall, and are just huge.  You cannot mistake them for much else than a Syncrolite, as they have a distinctive look and appearance.  Their booth at LDI can be seen from the entrance, and from most other corners of the show floor.

Here’s some images of the Syncrolite booth.

My friend Anjeanette Stokes, in front of the Syncrolite booth.

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