The 2008 LDI Awards


Did you know the LDI Awards were out?  Live Design Online posted them here.

Wally Russell Awards

Wally Russell Lifetime Achievement Award went to Mr. Richard Pilbrow.  I had a chance to wax poetic with Mr. Pilbrow in 2003 at a USITT conference.  He’s as awesome as he appears.

Wally Russell Most Promising Newcomer: Ben Hagen, who is a very nice guy, talented designer, and friend of my old friend Anjeanette Stokes.  Ben got a copy of Vectorworks 2009 Spotlight with Renderworks for this award.

Designers of the Year

Production Designer of the Year: Jeremy Railton

Concert Lighting Designer of the Year: Bryan Hartley
Sponsored by Epic Production Technologies

Theatre Lighting Designer of the Year: Rick Fisher
Sponsored by Strand Lighting

Debuting Product Awards

Sound: DiGiCo SD8 console, for featuring a lot of horsepower in a compact footprint, making it affordable and powerful.

Special Effects: City Theatrical DMX Snow Machine developed in conjunction with White Light.

Rigging/Staging: Steeldeck’s APACK retractable audience tiering system that can be curved.

Projection: Element Labs Helix P1, which offers amazing display-shaping opportunities. It is flexible, durable, and has user-specific pixel pitch.

Honorable Mention (for projection): United Visual Artists for d3–a paradigm shift in control environments for media servers.

Lighting (two winners): Nila, a new lighting solution for the entertainment industry setting an unprecedented environmental standard for low-energy consumption, while delivering unmatched lighting performance and product versatility.

ETC Unison Paradigm system, which fully fuses architectural lighting control advances with entertainment lighting-control technology.

Honorable Mention: Protester 19 Mobal by Global Design Solutions at TMB

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