“Therese,” A Chandelier by Dave Keune and Sander Mulder


In the same vein as the Josephine PMMA lamp, Keune and Mulder have another beautiful piece in their respective repertories – the Therese chandelier.  Keune and Mulder do great things with PMMA – there’s another product being reviewed as well in a few days made of their PMMA-cut configuration – a table lamp, the Marie-Louise.  Both Dave Keune and Sander Mulder have this product on their sites.

What I understand about these PMMA fixtures is that there is also a color filter insert for the inner dimmable fluorescent source, which could be quite fun.  A suggestion I might make for them is to produce a set of color correcting filters for random occasions, or for people suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder.  No matter the occasion, these are beautiful pieces.

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