Weekly WYSIWYG #4: R23 Beam Attenuation


    Do you know what “attenuation” means with regards to light?  Attenuation is how fast the intensity of a light source’s light decreases with distance from objects.  In WYSIWYG R23, beam attenuation is going to be present in the live beam simulation mode.  Calculating the decay of the intensity of light over distance in shaded view is a major milestone for Cast, and for us that use WYSIWYG.

    Check out these two examples.  The first with beam attenuation off, and the second with beam attenuation on.

    Beam Attenuation OFF:

    Beam Attenuation ON:

    Since I’ll be at LDI this yeart, I’ll be reporting on all of the new WYSIWYG news, including information on the upcoming major project, “Blackbox.”

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