GelCalc from Mike Zinman and The Zinman Co.


We were first inundated with Mike Zinman’s code-creating antics with AutoBlock for AutoCAD.  Then Mike teased our palate with iSwitch DMX, which I just used this weekend to address a bunch of old Lightwave Research gear.  Now Mike Zinman is up to it again with his new lighting-related iPhone app, GelCalc. This application is geared towards us folk in the lighting industry, and takes away the reason to ask the age-old question, “what the hell size color frame does that old beam projector take?”

Behold:  GelCalc from The Zinman Co!  $5.99 was never better spent.  Thanks Mike!

A bit of info from Mike’s website:

For about the price of a sheet of gel, Gel Calc can save you hundreds of dollars each year from wasteful cuts.

Gel Calc is a calculation app for stage lighting designers, electricians, and stage hands.

With Gel Calc, quickly calculate number of sheets, best cutting direction to yield the most frames per/sheet and pricing.

Gel Calc includes a frame picker with over 60 common frame sizes for easy and quick entry, or you can manually enter any frame size using the text fields.

A lookup list, sorted by manufacturer, features over 100 popular frame sizes AND sheet/roll sizes for reference.

No more “What is the frame size for a Selecon Pacific Zoomspot” or “What roll sizes are available for Roscolux color?” This information is ready at your finger tips, just press the LOOKUP button underneath the frame picker.

-Determine total sheets needed for any frame size and qty.
-Determine total yield per sheet.
-Determine the best cutting direction for rectangular frames.
-Use Gel Calc to determine pricing information, including sales tax.
-Use as a reference tool to lookup popular frame, sheet and roll sizes, sorted by manufacturer.
-Imperial and metric units supported.

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