Mauritian Sunset


An article over from the good folks at Make Magazine detailed a little of UK artist Sandy Smith’s “Mauritian Sunset” installation.  From Sandy’s website:

“Mauritian Sunset” was made for the ‘Great Artspectations’ exhibition at The Embassy Gallery in Edinburgh. A relatively small gallery, and another 2 artists to share the space with, meant that the work had to be as self contained as possible. As the gallery also had large windows, letting in light which could ruin the soft lighting effects of the work, the wall had to be as ‘perfect’ and light-proof as possible.

The resulting wall stretched accross the centre of the main room of the gallery, wall to wall and floor to ceiling, the rear of the computers facing the windows onto the street. A small doorway was built into the wall, only five and a half foot tall, and two foot wide. The monitors facing forwards showed flat colour, working over the wall to create a rough gradient representation of a classic sunset.

I don’t know which I like better – the geek in me loves the picture of the rear of the installation, where the lighting designer in me likes the installation itself.

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