Jobs! Gigs! Who Needs New Shoes?



    It’s always nice to keep an eye on the job market for people, because it gives me a sense of what is out there and who is looking for what…  it’s also a good indicator of revolving door places, places who can’t keep talent in-house, and places that may not have been looking for what you have to offer them six months ago, but are looking for you now.  It’s always a good idea to know where you stand in this industry because shit is moving all the time.

    There’s lots of gigs out there, just make sure you’re being diligent.

    JOBS!  GIGS!

    That’s it for now — get your ass out there and search every day for a job if you don’t have one…  don’t get complacent, it means more suffering for you and yours.  Also, never be afraid to do something you don’t want to do yet you’re qualified to do, especially if it means having income.  You’d be surprised what skillsets you have that people will pay for in the Lighting industries.

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